I’m a Toronto based creative specializing in photography and photo manipulation. I’m a Ryerson (TMU) Image Arts Graduate (2011). I’ve been working in the photographic field for the past 18 years. I’m a painter, dancer, and model. This all gives me a unique lens to bring out the inner creative I know is within us all. Talent is commitment to practice. I’m committed to authenticity of expression with simultaneous creative freedom. When you hire me you’re paying for my time, my presence, my conscious awareness; all of which contributes to my work ethic, making me meticulous and empathetic. I treat everything as if it’s art, because to me, life is art and art is life. 


Creating timeless portraits of the people, places and things you love.
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Fine Art

Exploring the intersection of dreams and reality.
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Work Ethic & Life Philosophy

The Artist Advantage

I believe in capturing authentic experiences, as well as creating experiences worth remembering. I only work with clients that vibrate close to my frequency; it’s very important that we vibe. Being a photographer on your wedding day means we’re together for the entire day, sharing space and creating memories. It is so important that we set our foundational vibration rooted in a unified vision of how the day will flow and be remembered. I believe our memories and experiences are our metaphysical fuel for manifesting the life we want and the energy & feelings we want to maintain.

The Experience Advantage

The aim is not to imitate what has come before but rather to discover your individuality and thus the way you want to show up in the world. I have years of experience being in front of the camera which helps me to empathize with the process. I try to make a comfortable environment for you to be vulnerable in expressing exactly who you are and how you want to be seen.

Delivery & Rates

For portrait sessions you can expect to have all of your images within one week. For non wedding events I can have the images within 24 hours, but typically within 3 days.  Wedding processing takes a minimum of 4 weeks.

My wedding packages start at $8,000 and include an engagement session. I only accept 10 weddings per year.

Creative portrait sessions start at $500, includes a creative consult session.

Straight documentation of events $200/hr, processed in Lightroom.

Headshots $250, 45 minute session, 4 finals, all outtakes given.