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USB Company Recommendation

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USB Company Recommendation

usb stick, usb drive, usb, wooden usb

If you’re in the market for custom usb drives I’d highly recommend USB MEMORY DIRECT. They also offer wholesale options for photographers which is pretty awesome. I’ve had a great experience working with them. Their quality is always top notch, as is their service. I personally love the wooden drives with the magnetic cap, but they have loads of options to choose from so check them out!

usb, usb memory direct, usb sticks, usb drives, custom drives, wooden drives

I’ve mainly used these drives for delivering wedding packages but recently I’ve been using them more and more for smaller projects too, like individual/family portrait and lifestyle sessions. It really adds another level of professionalism to my business, and that’s so very important in todays competitive market.

A few questions for all you fellow photographers:

  1. What changes have you made to set your business a part from the rest?
  2. What changes do you think would make your business more successful?

A few questions for the client:

  1. Do you appreciate a physical delivery system (usb drives) over a digital delivery system (Wetransfer, Dropbox, etc.)? Why or why not?
  2. How heavily does the presentation weigh in your decision to hire a photographer?

I ask because so far ALL of my effort goes into making sure the final product (the digital images) are absolutely perfect, flawless, the best they can be,  which means that I don’t spend much time thinking about the presentation of the physical final product. What I mean is, I will always try to get the digital files to the client as soon as possible which often ends up being through an online transfer system, like Wetransfer, and I’ll neglect to think about things like physical prints, boxes for the images, cards, stickers, magnets etc. I want to know how heavily that sort of presentation weighs on the client when they’re choosing say a photographer to shoot their engagement or wedding. I’m fully capable of doing both digital files and an awesome physical presentation, it’s just not something that I’ve noticed to be important to the clients I’ve had thus far. I do however want to improve so please let me know your opinion on the matter, it’s much appreciated!