Beautiful Spring Toronto Wedding Photography Location: UofT

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Beautiful Spring Toronto Wedding Photography Location: UofT

looking through a large pink blossom tree at university of toronto

The University of Toronto is most beautiful this time of year. Mitch and I decided to go out and capture some of the awesomeness that is spring after seeing a friend’s Instagram pictures. For those of you who happen to be engaged and haven’t gotten your engagement pictures done yet I would definitely recommend this location. Heck, I would recommend this location even if you’re not engaged. Either way you would need to book a shoot ASAP. I don’t think the blossoms will last much more than a week, but you never know!

pink blossom tree

pink blossom tree 03

pink blossom tree 02

beautiful pale stone building with pink blossoming trees

University of Toronto historic building with large green trees and a green grassy field

Here are some of the portraits we took. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture this light and of course all the pretty flowers. My favourite pictures are always the spontaneous ones. The ones you didn’t set out to take. The ones you didn’t have a chance to over-think  That’s a big part of the reason why I try to avoid directing people, and if I do direct people I almost always choose the moments before or after the “posed” shot.

a portrait of a handsome man wearing a plaid shirt and running his fingers through his hair on a sunny day

Portait under blossoming tree 02

Portait under blossoming tree 03

Portait under blossoming tree 01

a portrait of a girl with blond hair and a blue dress taken through pink blossoms on a sunny day

This one of me was shot by Mitch. I’ve taught him well, ya?! I’m a big fan or having things in the foreground when taking close up portraits. To me, it adds depth and an element of interest.

pink blossoming tree and a couple holding hands

Often times I leave my tripod at home because the thought of lugging it around puts a bit of a damper on my day. So I’ve gotten quite good at spotting “the natural tripod” a.k.a nice existing tripod substitutes, like a flat wide ledge or a news stand, or someone’s head. Kidding. For this shot I used the stairs leading up to the nearby church that happened to be right where I would have put my tripod anyway, if I had it with me. Like a boss. Sometimes I’m not so lucky though.

pretty pink blossoming tree outside st. michaels college at the university of toronto

spring blossoms outside st michaels college utoronto

pink blossoms 04

Portait under blossoming tree 04


pink blossoms 06

vibrant yellow spring flowers in may

ivy vines growing on a stone wall at the university of toronto

ivy vines growing on a brick wall around a window at the university of toronto

Mitch and I just walked around the campus with my camera casually taking pictures here and there, but if you wanted to do an official shoot you would definitely need to purchase a permit to shoot on the University grounds. If for whatever reason you’re unable to get a permit you could always shoot at Queen’s Park for free. It’s a different feel in that you don’t directly have the University’s historic architecture as your backdrop, but it’s still quite beautiful. If all you’re looking to do is capture the spring atmosphere, Queen’s Park is perfect.

Map of Queen's Park

large white blossom tree in Queen's Park Toronto

a white blossoming tree in queen's park toronto

large pink blossom tree in Queen's Park Toronto

If you’re thinking of scheduling a shoot, let’s get in touch, and if you know of any neat locations for Toronto wedding photography this time of year that you would like to share please leave a comment below!