My Hipstamatic World

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My Hipstamatic World

Even though I’m a professional photographer with access to all the professional gear a girl could want I still like using my dinky little iPhone to capture the everyday things. I guess it’s because I don’t have to think about it too much. Expectations are that much lower because people acknowledge the limitations of a phone camera, and it certainly helps the creative process. I’ve noticed that I’ve become way too critical of the work I produce with my 5D. I’m in a totally different mindset when I pick up my SLR and it bleeds into my ability to capture the everyday spontaneous stuff in my personal life. Everything is questioned and I feel this immense pressure to produce something great.

I’m a fan of Hipstamatic. I use the Jane lens with Ina’s 1982 film. Strangely, I’m starting to understand the appeal of film through this digital format. In University I hated film because every screw up costed me a small fortune and my grade depended on doing well. I regret now not giving it a better go. Eventually I would like to learn how to do Daguerreotypes. It’s super expensive though, and not many people know how to do them now-a-days. I think that’s the appeal. That, and the fact that you absolutely cannot manipulate the image produced.

In a world so saturated with the majority of people having access to editing programs I find myself longing for that raw image. Maybe something taken on film that can’t be altered the way digital photographs can be altered. I love things like light leaks, cross-processing, and double exposures; things that can be done without Photoshop.  What bothers me most about digital photography is this need to have everything be perfect just because you have the ability to do it. I’m always being asked, or told rather, to make someone slimmer, make their skin softer, their lashes fuller, remove this, fix that, shorten their hemline, make their neck longer, their legs smoother, and the list goes on. When does the photograph cease to be a photograph and become digital art? That’s something I battle with on a daily basis. Even with my personal work I find the lines begin to blur as I fall victim to the same way of thinking. Often times that’s the reason I give up on an image. I’ll work for hours on a composite fixing every little detail until the image is more parts fiction than it is reality.

Below you’ll find a collection of images from my everyday life. I hope you enjoy them. I’ve uploaded most of these images to Instagram. If you’d like to share your images, feel free to drop a link to your Instagram in the comments and I’ll check it out.

This is the color of the big wall in my downtown apartment. Mitch chose Benjamin Moore paints because he’s all about having the best of the best. I’m usually so cheap when it comes to fixing up a home because I move around so often, but we splurged a little. It’s worth it to have the color you actually want.

One of 10 blue skies for the entire winter.

Early spring vs. late spring. As soon as it’s warm enough to ride my bike I’m out at this field. It’s at the very north end of Leslie Avenue. Once you hit the dead end, take the bike path further north and you’re there.

I love the peace and quiet of Scarborough. I don’t think I could ever live completely in the city. That’s why I keep my place in Scarborough.

For about 70% of the year I’m in some form of boot, mostly winter boots. In the next five years I hope my feet pictures will consist of more sand & toes and less snow & boots.

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