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Let’s get real. I have absolutely no problem with nudity, whether I’m the one on display or you are. I do not care if you are fat, skin & bones, or fit as a fiddle, I love all naked forms. The body should be celebrated, not shamed. Yes, I understand the need for clothing; Hygiene is always number one for me. I’m just saying, I have no problems seeing naked forms or being a naked form. That being said, I know not everyone feels the same way. I’m not going to reprimand you for that. I am however, concerned about this war on nipples.

Who is censoring the nipple and why? I think it’s safe to say that 100% of men would rather see the nipple, or at the very least are not offended by the sight of it. Whether these men identify as homosexual or heterosexual, I cannot for the life of me see how they would be offended. So are the women actually the ones behind this war? Are we censoring ourselves? More and more I’m starting to think this might be the case. What are your thoughts? Are we shaming other women because of a deep unhappiness within us? I can think of a few reasons why women might be the ones behind this, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Ideally it should be a woman’s right to show her nipples. If she wants to cover them, that is her right, but to have someone else impose that rule is so very insulting. I’d like to hear it from someone who is actually PRO censorship. I want to better understand why this is a good thing for you and how it makes you feel when faced with a bare breast.

Another important point that baffles my mind is that we censor sexuality so heavily yet are so open with violence. We shield our youth from the nipple & any talk about sex but we do not shield them from guns, knives, blood & gore, violent video games and action movies. I find it hard to believe that children are offended by the nipple. I think they learn that behaviour from adults. So who are we censoring the nipple for exactly?

I think we will eventually reach a point where the censorship itself will become more offensive than the nipple. Perhaps we’ll see a paradigm shift in our lifetime? Wouldn’t that be something.

  • Jessica Ginzel

    It’s an interesting concept to say the least. Why is something that’s more about nature or love and pleasure censored over hate and death? It’s really messed up. I actually just watched the OITNB episode where crazy eyes tried to share her sex story in acting class and it was turned down yet the killing graphic story was shared with no questions. It’s weird how acceptable it is over sex. But then there’s the nipple. And really why is that even in the sex category? It’s just a nipple. I do think there’s a time and a place. But I feel the same way about men’s nipples. Really I think it’s because the breast itself has been sexualized. Which is why people get all weird about breastfeeding in public. If it were to be thought of what it actually is for then there wouldn’t be a shock factor for the female nipple.

  • Phoenixish

    Going to be using a lot feminist jargon and buzzwords here, but they exist for a reason: Patriarchy and the male gaze are responsible both for the sexualization and resultant censorship of female nipples. Everybody has them, so like Jessica says below, it’s more about the breast they’re attached to. Regardless, they’re organs designed to feed a child – an organ that serves a purpose essential to survival. Would your photo be red-flagged if you had used a little image of a male nipple to cover yours? I think when audiences who may be “offended” by seeing a naked breast take a step back and look at the bigger picture, it’s not offense so much as surprise. We have most-likely been raised to see breasts as something to be covered up, so seeing the opposite – whether in a sexual context or not – often earns a second-take or a head-turn. The next filter we have to apply to the image we’re seeing is context. Are your photographs meant to be sexual? Are you expecting your audience to see it as such? Are you shoving it down their throats? Are they asking you to? I feel like breast censorship is an archaic concept in pop- and present culture and our generation is the one to normalize it. By the time you and I are learning about new art-sharing technologies, I believe that naked bodies will be regarded as forms, objectified in the most benign sense of the word. But in the meantime, set ’em free. It IS your right, as a woman firstly, but also as an artist AND model.

    Our world has been conditioned to stare violence in the face – celebrate war and victory in broad daylight and NEVER forget the horrors of battle. Bodies are meant to be celebrated in the dark and privacy, in magazines under the mattress and on Chrome Incognito.We’re NOT supposed to be okay with seeing nudity, but we ARE supposed to be okay with seeing blood as sport.