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Day 1 – BTS New Photo Series

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Day 1 – BTS New Photo Series

Today was Day 1 of working on a new photo series. !@#$ing finally am I right?! It’s my new years resolution to swear more. Does that make it okay? I think it does.

So I made some kick ass antlers today. They work great… when you’re death gripping them at the base of the head band with your finger tips. I’ll need to reinforce them tomorrow. I managed to balance them in place on my head for a few shots but it defeats the purpose of having hands free antlers if I can’t be mobile enough to show any other emotion but pure panic.

BTS creative photo shoot 1

I used picture wire to bind the branches to each other and then again to attach them to the headband, which conveniently had tiny gaps for me to thread the wire through. Tonight I need to figure out how to get them to actually stay securely on my head. Any ideas? I’m thinking a few bands around the back. Like a half helmet sort of deal.

BTS creative photo shoot 14

I used chalkboard spray paint to get a nice matte black finish. Plus now I have extra spray paint to turn random objects into a writeable surface.

BTS creative photo shoot 3  BTS creative photo shoot 2



Here are some bloopers from the shoot. This is me about to gag from too much chocolate syrup. YUM!

BTS creative photo shoot 5

It really is quite grotesque when you have large quantities of it in your mouth. …really not looking forward to that one again. *insert squiggly mouth emoji*

BTS creative photo shoot 6



And here’s the resulting image! Or at least a version of it. I’m struggling between two processes.


I’m really liking this dark version because it forces you to strain a bit, drawing you in to the eyes and then down to the drip. But I’m also a fan of the version that’s closer to the colors SOOC. That’s something I’ll nail down when I have more images in the series.

BTS creative photo shoot 7