free the nipple


Let’s get real. I have absolutely no problem with nudity, whether I’m the one on display or you are. I don’t care if you’re fat, skin & bones, or fit as a fiddle, I love all naked forms. The body should be celebrated, not shamed.

Searching for Inspiration

For a solid year I had this grand plan to move from Toronto to Vancouver. I thought a change of scenery would solve all my problems (feelings of stagnation in my business and a lack of inspiration in my personal work). The bottom line is I thought moving would make me happy. I’ve since realized that happiness is not necessarily tied to a particular place or to things. Happiness really does come from within, as cliche as it may sound. There is no running away from your problems, as I’m sure you know. Travelling to new places certainly helps with the feelings of boredom and stagnation, …

cow heart, antlers, black and white

Day 1 – BTS New Photo Series

Today was Day 1 of working on a new photo series. !@#$ing finally am I right?! It’s my new years resolution to swear more. Does that make it okay? I think it does. So I made some kick ass antlers today. They work great… when you’re death gripping them at the base of the head band with your finger tips. I’ll need to reinforce them tomorrow. I managed to balance them in place on my head for a few shots but it defeats the purpose of having hands free antlers if I can’t be mobile enough to show any other emotion …

My Hipstamatic World

Even though I’m a professional photographer with access to all the professional gear a girl could want I still like using my dinky little iPhone to capture the everyday things. I guess it’s because I don’t have to think about it too much.