Baked Soap Co. – Handmade Soap

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Baked Soap Co. – Handmade Soap

The beautiful Danielle Salo is the founder of this fantastic small business creatively named Baked Soap Co. I’ve known Danielle for awhile. She started out baking actual cupcakes and a wide assortment of delicious desserts, the kind you can actually eat, but in 2012 she decided to try something new and used her talent for crafting baked goods into crafting baked soap! She produces these luxurious handmade bath and body desserts in her own home. Her soaps are produced naturally using the cold-process method with 100% olive oil, free from harsh chemicals (no SLS, sulfates, propylene glycol or parabens) and are vegan-friendly, so these treats can be enjoyed truly guilt-free. It’s seriously hard to believe they’re not edible.


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You can follow up with more of Danielle’s work on her Facebook Page or visit her Etsy store to purchase some delicious soaps. Enjoy!