Ashlea & Brendon

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Ashlea & Brendon

As with most wedding couples that I feature on my blog our first meeting began with an engagement session. I can’t stress enough how important those are. We first met up at the Grenadier Café in High Park and quickly jumped into the shoot. After 20 minutes or so I sensed that there was something about the location we chose that wasn’t quite fitting for their style. It wasn’t 100% them. I felt like Ashlea & Brendon were far too trendy for a simple High Park shoot. I needed a location with way more variety and personality. Not just different foliage kind of variety, but something with quaint homes, little shops perhaps, a pier, a boardwalk, dog park, sand, water … You see where I’m going with this. So I suggested moving the shoot down to The Beaches. Duh! Of course they lit up at that idea, which made me super happy. It meant adding an hour or two to my time, at no cost to them of course, but I much prefer doing something right and having the client and myself be absolutely completely 100% happy with the results, than to merely settle with something just because that was the allotted time and the pre-set location. I care too much. I will always do everything within my power to get the best shots.  Plus, I won’t ever complain about shooting on a beach; Unless of course it’s in the dead of a Canadian winter ;), that’s just not fair.

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The entire wedding took place at Georges on Queen St., here in Toronto. If you’ve never been I’ll tell you it’s a very, very intimate venue. I’ve shot a few weddings there before and it never gets any easier. It’s a beautiful venue don’t get me wrong, it’s just very hard to photograph, not only because of the low light but the mixed lighting during the evening and the stone walls that make it impossible to bounce light around. Sometimes great venues in person don’t translate well into great photographs. That’s something a lot of people who put importance on photos don’t realize. Which is surprising. Luckily Ashlea and Brendon weren’t ones to stress about that. They cared more about having an intimate setting with the people that were closest to them. That I respect, and knowing that made my life a little easier, but it still tears me up inside when I’m not able to capture something perfectly.

Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-436Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-437 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-440 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-441 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-442 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-443 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-444Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-445 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-446 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-447 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-448

The actual ceremony took place outside, in the back of the restaurant, which was quite nice. Very tight squeeze but they made it work. I had to pull some rubber man moves coupled with Usain Bolt speed to be able to get both angles during the vows and such, but I got the job done! This is where it’s handy to have a second shooter. 😉 Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-449 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-450 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-451 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-452 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-453 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-454 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-455 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-456 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-457 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-458 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-459 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-460 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-461 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-462 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-463 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-464 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-465 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-466 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-467 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-468 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-469 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-470 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-471 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-472 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-473 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-474 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-475 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-476 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-477 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-478 Toronto-Creative-Wedding-Photographer-479